May 5 Pi Birthday

What is my Pi Day for May 5, or more specifically, what is my Pi Birthday if I am born on May 5th?

First, note that Pi starts with 3.14 followed by an endless number of digits. This means that any combination of numbers will eventually show up in Pi if you search long enough. Furthermore, May 5th is the same as 5/05 which is the same as 505.

Here at Calendar Maniacs we believe that the location of the first digit of your birthday in Pi is your Pi Day or Pi Birthday. Thus, we searched Pi until we found 505 and here is the result:

Digit #132: 5
Digit #133: 0
Digit #134: 5

The result above shows you the first location of May 5th in Pi. As you can see, 5/05 starts at digit number 132 and ends at digit number 134.

Since the digit number 132 in Pi is the first digit of May 5, the Pi Birthday for people with a birthday of May 5 is 132.

Bonus: Since you are interested in where your birthday is in Pi, you may also be happy to know that we ranked all birthdays based on how soon they appear in Pi. May 5 was the 36th birthday we found in Pi.

Anyway, if your birthday is May 5 and that is today, then happy 132 Pi Birthday!

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