30 hours to days

Here we will show you how to convert 30 hours to days. In other words, how do you get 30 hours in terms of days instead of hours? There are 24 hours per day. Therefore, you divide 30 hours by 24 hours to get 30 hours in terms of days:

30 / 24 =
1.25 days

You could just leave the answer like that, but we like to convert the fractional part of the answer back to hours to make the answer easier to communicate.

Multiply the fractional part (.25) by 24 to get the fractional part back to hours:

.25 x 24 =
6 hours

Therefore, the answer to 30 hours in days (and hours) is as follows:

30 hours =
1 day and 6 hours.

As an added bonus, we have also converted the decimal answer above to a fraction:

30 hours = 1 1/4 days

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