What is the date 03/19/21 in word form?

Do you know which part of 03/19/21 is the month, which part is the day, and which part is the year? Do you know how to write 03/19/21 in words? Here we will explain in detail what each part means and show you how to say and write the date 03/19/21 in word form.

We start off by coloring each part of the date 03/19/21 so it is easy to follow along as we explain what each number means.


03 = Month
There are twelve months in a year. Month 03 means that it is the 3rd month. The 3rd month of the year is March.

19 = Day
Days in a month range from 28 to 31 days, and Day 19 means it is the 19th day of the month.

21 = Year
Year 21 means year 2021. We assumed the current century, but it could be another Century. For example, 1921 or 2121.

When we put all the pieces above together, we get March 19, 2021 and spelled out with words and no numbers is as follows:

March nineteenth, two thousand twenty-one

We have also heard people say it slightly differently in a sentence: It is the nineteenth day of March, two thousand twenty-one.

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Note: The explanations and answers on this page are how dates are written in The United States. It does not apply to countries where dates are written day/month/year instead of month/day/year.

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