Spanish Calendar

Here we display the calendar in Spanish (Calendario Español).

Note that in most Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain and Mexico, calendars start with Monday (Lunes), not Sunday like in the US.

The Spanish calendar below shows the current month of the current year.

Choose to see a Spanish calendar for the whole year (Año), or just a specific month in the year of your choice.

Months in Spanish
January = Enero
February = Febrero
March = Marzo
April = Abril
May = Mayo
June = Junio
July = Julio
August = Agosto
September = Septiembre
October = Octubre
November = Noviembre
December = Diciembre

Days of the week in Spanish

Monday = Lunes
Tuesday = Martes
Wednesday = Miércoles
Thursday = Jueves
Friday = Viernes
Saturday = Sábado
Sunday = Domingo

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